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Outdoor gyms and Solar carports

Due to the vision of a recent client by repurposing our carport into an outdoor gym complete with an integrated pull-up bar, we would like to offer a free pull-up bar with the first three orders placed for domestic structures in January 2023.

If you are not quite the pull-up bar type, we can look at adding in some other modification such as brackets for an outdoor kitchen, hammock hooks or anything that you can imagine!

This structure also came with an integrated guttering system along with an EV charger. Get in touch for more information.

Car ports reimagined

We are very proud to showcase our latest car port project in conjunction with JFW renewables. This 18 panel, 7.2KW capacity solar PV array will do the following:

  • Save money for the homeowner on their electricity bills
  • Generate clean green energy
  • Lower their carbon emmissions
  • Give them an additional outdoor space
  • Provide them with a EV charging solution

We would like to thank the homeowner and JFW for entrusting us with this project.

If you have a space that could be reimagined via a Solar Structure, get in touch!

Solar Structures powering off-grid Arts festivals

Solar Structures off-grid mobile solar array

We are very proud to announce that Ciotó, a Connemara based arts group have partnered with Solar Structures to provide zero carbon mobile power to a series of zero-carbon arts events in Connemara.  Ríonach, the CEO of the Arts group is really excited about the upcoming events:

“We had always wanted to do something that would make our festivals carbon free.  We came across the mobile dual-axis arrays that Solar Structures had developed, and we decided to partner with them to power our Summer festival season.  We think it will be great to organise events that are zero carbon, all the while powered by Solar Structures off-grid solutions.”

Our 4-panel array, powering off-grid events in Conamara

Two events organised by were powered by the Solar Structures 1.6Kw dual axis array, with a 5.5Kwh battery, which acted as a demonstration of the potential of Solar PV to power events in locations without electricity power.  The arts group were very conscious of the amount of carbon generated by diesel generators and wanted to prove that a different approach was possible.  They searched far and wide for a solution, until they found Solar Structures and our off-grid mobile array.   In the words of Ruairi O’Neill, CEO of Solar Structures:

“We are really looking forward to proving our technology at off-grid events.  We believe that in the coming years many more festival and event organisers will be looking for low-carbon solutions to their energy challenges.  We are very happy to support Ríonach and this Summer.  Now that we have a solution designed and built, we are looking for more festivals and events to show the wider public the potential of Solar PV and off-grid battery technology.”

If you would like more information on the events planned by please contact Ríonach at  If you have an event coming up and you would like to discuss how some of our solar PV solutions could help you, please contact us at

Solar Structures support Zero carbon craft beer

When Maurice Deasy of the innovative craft beer brewery, Canvas, ( decided to lower the overall carbon emissions of his business in North Tipperary, he decided to partner with Solar Structures.  The historic slate-roofed farm building that houses his brewing works was deemed inappropriate for a standard roof mounted solar deployment.  It was clear that a special solution was needed to give the brewery the benefit of clean green solar generated electricity.

Maurice had heard of Solar Structures online and was very interested in the innovative range of structures for holding solar PV panels that this Galway company had developed.  Solar Structures ( focus on creating structures that hold Solar PV and give the client an upgraded usable outdoor space, such as carports, covered walkways, bicycle shelters, car park canopies.

By looking at a free-standing structure there were also advantages in that firstly the historic roof of the brewery building would not be touched.  Secondly, by adding a standalone structure with solar PV panels, this would allow the brewery to upgrade the outdoor space at the business. 

In the words of Maurice Deasy, owner of Canvas brewery:

“The idea of a standalone structure really made huge sense to us, it meant that we were ‘killing two birds with one stone’ in that we were getting all the advantages of a standard deployment of Solar PV panels all the while gaining additional outdoor space.  We are at the forefront from an innovation and sustainability point of view, we use our own well water, our own ingredients from the farm and  we are one of the few breweries producing wood-fired beer.  Now we will be producing beer with even lower carbon emissions along with lowering our electricity input costs.”

The modular structure that has been built will has a variable pitch, meaning that the angles of the panels can be changed depending on the season.  This means that the panels can be optimised for 10, 20 and 30 degrees angles.  Ruairí O’Neill of Solar Structures is very excited about this design element:

“At Solar Structures, we really are about breaking new ground in the field of structures for solar PV panels.  The idea of a variable pitch free standing structure with multiple use functionality really appealed to our design team, as we love a challenge.  Most of our designs have a set pitch, but from our discussions with the client, Canvas Brewery, we understood that they too were looking to create something special to hold their Solar PV deployment.”

The structure was built in galvanised steel to ensure that it stands the test of time.

The power output of the system is expected to significantly reduce the carbon output of the awarding winning craft beer, all the while reducing the running costs of the business.

For more information on this project and on our many other projects, please contact us at:

Ideal Homes 2022

We have survived our first Ideal Homes exhibition. To be fair it was touch and go for a while, but through hard-work, large amounts of water, the odd coffee and unlimited brochures we were able to hopefully field all the questions that came at us!

Tired, hungry, drained of energy, almost hoarse, but full of hope for the future, we have completed our first ideal homes show. 
You can see from the fresh faces in the video and the finishing touches been done to our ikea chairs, that this was the calm before the storm.

I would like to thank all those who came up to us to discuss our domestic 15 panel solar pergola and our commercial solar pv structures.  We look forward to many happy customers over the coming months.

Míle buíochas freisin le Gearóid, Stephen and Antonio from our installation partners at JFW Renewables for partnering with us on this project and on our shared stand.

Ní neart go cur le chéile!


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