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Solar Structures powering off-grid Arts festivals

Solar Structures off-grid mobile solar array

We are very proud to announce that Ciotó, a Connemara based arts group have partnered with Solar Structures to provide zero carbon mobile power to a series of zero-carbon arts events in Connemara.  Ríonach, the CEO of the Arts group is really excited about the upcoming events:

“We had always wanted to do something that would make our festivals carbon free.  We came across the mobile dual-axis arrays that Solar Structures had developed, and we decided to partner with them to power our Summer festival season.  We think it will be great to organise events that are zero carbon, all the while powered by Solar Structures off-grid solutions.”

Our 4-panel array, powering off-grid events in Conamara

Two events organised by were powered by the Solar Structures 1.6Kw dual axis array, with a 5.5Kwh battery, which acted as a demonstration of the potential of Solar PV to power events in locations without electricity power.  The arts group were very conscious of the amount of carbon generated by diesel generators and wanted to prove that a different approach was possible.  They searched far and wide for a solution, until they found Solar Structures and our off-grid mobile array.   In the words of Ruairi O’Neill, CEO of Solar Structures:

“We are really looking forward to proving our technology at off-grid events.  We believe that in the coming years many more festival and event organisers will be looking for low-carbon solutions to their energy challenges.  We are very happy to support Ríonach and this Summer.  Now that we have a solution designed and built, we are looking for more festivals and events to show the wider public the potential of Solar PV and off-grid battery technology.”

If you would like more information on the events planned by please contact Ríonach at  If you have an event coming up and you would like to discuss how some of our solar PV solutions could help you, please contact us at

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