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The solution to limited roof space in urban back gardens

We have just completed an elegant steel structure that solves a number of common issues around Solar PV installations in urban locations. These issues are mostly around the following:

  1. Worries about the design engineering loads on the main roof
  2. The orientation of the roof itself
  3. The use of certain roofing materials making an installation extra complex
  4. The roof having Veluxs and other elements
  5. The garden space being limited and not suitable for typical ground-mount system
  6. The requirement that any solution does not ‘stand-out’ too much
Steel 4×2 Solar canopy in a backgarden setting

We at Solar Structures are very proud to showcase our ‘Vigo 4×2’ steel canopy, with 4 panels wide in a double row.  This innovative solution maximises the benefits of a solar installation while providing the homeowner with additional outdoor space.  The structure also comes with specially designed hooks for hammocks and brackets to allow for cladding in the future.

Design of the 4*2 solar PV canopy

Our 8 panel steel frame structure for solar PV panels is a potential solution for solar PV deployments in housing estates for several reasons:

  1. Space efficiency: Housing estates typically have limited space, and a free-standing solar structure can be erected in your garden and would not take up more space than a typical timber shed.
  2. Improved solar panel performance: Solar panels perform best when they are tilted at an optimal angle and not shaded by surrounding buildings or trees. With our free-standing elevated structure the panels can be positioned at the ideal angle for maximum solar exposure.
  3. Protection from the elements: We all need more and better outdoor space.  Our innovative structures give you the client additional space underneath for a wide range of functions, from hanging clothes to hanging hammocks!
  4. Flexibility: Our steel frame structures can be easily dismantled and moved if needed, making it a flexible option for homeowners who may want to relocate or renovate in the future.
View of the Solar PV canopy from the neighbours

Overall, the ‘Vigo 4×2’ steel frame structure for solar PV panels is a practical and efficient solution for urban housing estates looking to adopt solar energy.  The structure comes with a range of options.

On this innovative project, we would like to thank the homeowners for the vision in undertaking this project and also JFW renewables who partnered with us on this project.

For more information on our structures, please check us out at:

Upgrading your patio while generating clean green electricity

With the ever increasing focus on the damaging effects of climate change, everyone seems to be looking for ways to ‘do their part’ in reducing emissions.  The need to lower electricity bills too can also be a huge driver to go green with Solar PV panels.  However, often houses were not originally designed for optimal Solar PV deployments, i.e. the roof is not facing South, the roof might have dormer windows or Velux’s or the tiles / slates might e .

Solar Pergola 10 panel timber structure

We at Solar Structures are very pleased to showcase our recent project that creates some useful outdoor space for the client, while helping them generate clean power.

Our timber pergolas are available online in our new online store in a range of sizes, or just contact us directly for more details.

For our happy homeowners, they can rest easy thinking about the following advantages of a timber pergola structure.

For those of you think about solar PV, a 10 panel solar PV timber pergola structure can be a great investment for a domestic client for several reasons.

Firstly, it provides shade and shelter, making the outdoor space more comfortable and enjoyable to use during hot summer months. The timber material used for the pergola structure adds a natural and warm touch to the overall design, making it aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Secondly, the 10 panel solar PV system provides the client with a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution. The solar panels installed on top of the pergola will capture the energy from the sun and convert it into electricity, which can be used to power the home or even sell back to the grid.

Thirdly, the addition of the solar PV system can potentially increase the value of the property. In today’s society, more and more people are looking for eco-friendly solutions to reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy bills. Therefore, having a solar PV system installed on a timber pergola structure can be a significant selling point for potential buyers.

Overall, a 10 panel solar PV timber pergola structure makes sense for a domestic client because it provides both functional and sustainable benefits while also adding aesthetic value to the property.

Looking at the stars

We could all be under a Solar PV canopy, but some of us can be looking at the stars

While we might have mangled one of Oscar Wilde’s best known quotes, we thought it apt in the context of a fabulous structure that we have just finished installing for a very special client in Co. Cork. 

The site in Crosshaven is looking directly across the harbour to the lovely town of Cobh and our 45 panel structure is powering this innovative passive house with clean, green electricity.

As you can see from the pictures, the site was very complicated.  We had great help from the main contractors, Dave O’Callaghan builders, and from the architects, John Morehead and the team at WMA Architects, in Cork.

We would like to thank them and the clients for their trust in us and we wish them many happy ‘zero-carbon’ days in their soon-to-be new home.

The project itself was a c.10KW project, with 45 Solitek see-through panels in use.  This means that the clients have all the benefits of a car canopy and of a solar PV array, but on pressclear starry nights they can still see the stars!

The structure is c.15m wide and c.5m deep.  The see-through glass panels are laid out in three rows of 15.  Each panel is sealed, so that the rainwater is collected into a gutter on the south end.  

The project required us to match our upright sections to a series of pre-exsiting plinths and to look at adding in a number of additional measures due to the site’s fabulous marine location. 

If you are walking along the loop walk up to Camden fort, our structure will be visible on your left hand side as you walk up.  Hopefully it will add an interesting topic of conversation to all those walking chats, ideally how to mix cutting edge design and renewable energy deployments.

We would like to thank a few people in particular:

The client and homeowner, John Morehead, Fernando Gomez, Carlos Lidon Garcia from WMA, Dave O’Callaghan, John O’Callaghan and Peter and Pa from Dave O’Callaghan builders, Richard Leonard QS, Conor Coburn Engineer, Andrew Fitzsimons at FDA structural engineers, Philip Connolly Distribution, AMS architecture and metal systems, Solitek, the team at Solar Structures who worked on this project, Andrew, Ayman and Scott and perhaps more, a special thanks to Meave and Amaya for their patience and understanding.

If you have a project in mind, get in touch.  We are Ireland’s provider of innovative structures for allowing Solar PV deployments to take place anywhere.

Join us on our journey bringing Solar PV panels everywhere.

Solar Powered Bike Shelters from Solar Structures

Rang a Sé ó Scoil Sailearna leis 2KWp an Bike Shelter

What if we could combine sustainable transport with renewable energy?

What if the shelter that keeps our bike saddles dry could also generate clean green energy, ensuring a better planet for the 6th class students of Scoil Sailearna.

5 panel Solar PV bike shelter

Introducing our 2KW Solar PV bike shelter solution for schools, offices and homes, with the help of Rang a Sé.

Míle buíochas le Scoil Sailearna as an céim fad-radharcach seo a ghlacadh agus struchtúr nua le dhá-fheidhm a fháil do ghasúir na scoile, ag laghdú billí leictreacha agus ag cur le háiseanna na scoile do mhuintir na rothair.

We hope that this simple solution can help the school encourage more bike trips, lower their electricity bills and help us all lower our carbon emissions.

For more information on pricing and on dimensions, please get in touch with us at: or call 089 229 5091

Ní neart go cur le chéile.

Car park canopies for a new age

When Ciarán from EcoHorizon (one of Ireland’s leading Solar PV solutions providers) was looking to install a 45 panel car park canopy, he knew exactly who to partner with on this fantastic project. We are delighted to announce that we have completed work on the structure, which supports 45 bi-facial PV panels and provides a canopy over 6 parking spaces at a location in the South-East.

The panels are all facing South, at an angle of 15 degrees. This gives the client the benefit of a great orientation as well as a useable structure, in this case a 6 bay parking canopy. As you can see the project used bi-facial panels, which should give great benefits over the long term.

The structure itself is from galvanised steel, where required we can coat our structures to match the client’s colour requirements.

We hope to partner with EcoHorizon on many similar projects in the future and we wish the client many hours of sunshine over the coming months.

If you are looking at an ambitious Solar PV project, talk to us by phone at 089 229 5091 or via email at

Solutions to limited roof space for typical roof mount Solar PV systems

Often when homeowners and solar installers are looking at a roof for a solar deployment a number of factors might mean that the roof is not suitable for a typical deployment of solar panels.

Home with limited space for typical Solar PV roof install

Some of the main reasons are:

1 Orientation: In many cases the roof could be orientated in such as way as to provide a limited amount of South facing roof.

2 Velux and Dormer bungalows: Due to the addition of windows often there is limited clear space on the South / East / West sides of the roof, which means that the design might not allow for as many panels as required to be installed.

3 Roofing material: Often the material used on the roof means that a typical roof installation is just not possible.

18 panel car port

We often have solar installers and homeowners / businesses come to us looking for a solution to these challenges.  We have developed a number of options that provide the end-user with a robust solar deployment while maximising the use of their outdoor space.

In a recent case study we installed a lean-to ground-mount system to a pre-existing wall.  This is a solution we believe could work very well on urban locations with limited scope for a larger pergola type structure.

Where the space permits, we would recommend a free standing pergola / carport as this type of deployment allows the client to use the space underneath.

If you are a solar installer, looking at a complicated deployment where limited roof space could be an issue, give us a call.  We design, fabricate and install bespoke ground mount systems and free standing structures, that help homeowners and solar installers harness the solar PV potential of any location.