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The solution to limited roof space in urban back gardens

We have just completed an elegant steel structure that solves a number of common issues around Solar PV installations in urban locations. These issues are mostly around the following:

  1. Worries about the design engineering loads on the main roof
  2. The orientation of the roof itself
  3. The use of certain roofing materials making an installation extra complex
  4. The roof having Veluxs and other elements
  5. The garden space being limited and not suitable for typical ground-mount system
  6. The requirement that any solution does not ‘stand-out’ too much
Steel 4×2 Solar canopy in a backgarden setting

We at Solar Structures are very proud to showcase our ‘Vigo 4×2’ steel canopy, with 4 panels wide in a double row.  This innovative solution maximises the benefits of a solar installation while providing the homeowner with additional outdoor space.  The structure also comes with specially designed hooks for hammocks and brackets to allow for cladding in the future.

Design of the 4*2 solar PV canopy

Our 8 panel steel frame structure for solar PV panels is a potential solution for solar PV deployments in housing estates for several reasons:

  1. Space efficiency: Housing estates typically have limited space, and a free-standing solar structure can be erected in your garden and would not take up more space than a typical timber shed.
  2. Improved solar panel performance: Solar panels perform best when they are tilted at an optimal angle and not shaded by surrounding buildings or trees. With our free-standing elevated structure the panels can be positioned at the ideal angle for maximum solar exposure.
  3. Protection from the elements: We all need more and better outdoor space.  Our innovative structures give you the client additional space underneath for a wide range of functions, from hanging clothes to hanging hammocks!
  4. Flexibility: Our steel frame structures can be easily dismantled and moved if needed, making it a flexible option for homeowners who may want to relocate or renovate in the future.
View of the Solar PV canopy from the neighbours

Overall, the ‘Vigo 4×2’ steel frame structure for solar PV panels is a practical and efficient solution for urban housing estates looking to adopt solar energy.  The structure comes with a range of options.

On this innovative project, we would like to thank the homeowners for the vision in undertaking this project and also JFW renewables who partnered with us on this project.

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