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From Connemara granite to Solar PV

From the granite rock of Connemara an elegant Solar PV array appears

As is common enough in Connemara, this homeowner had a passion for solar PV but unfortunately did not have enough roof space for a typical Solar PV installation.  After much thought, it became clear that the granite rockery had to be sacrificed for the greater good of saving the planet.

The home owner contacted us to design a solution for him that would allow them to install a 12 panel array, with the condition that they would not be able to see the panels from their favorite seats in house, over-looking Galway bay.

We were able to design a made to order ground-mount system that took account of the lay of the land and gave the home-owner all the benefits of a typical array, avoiding the need for weeding in the rockery ever again.

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Bí i dteagmháil!

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