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An eco-friendly solar clothes dryer in Co. Limerick

While people have been drying their clothes on washing lines for centuries, we thought to give this age-old tradition a new twist by creating a Solar PV covering!  In actual fact, the addition of washing lines is a simple addition to our structures and can reduce the use of tumble dryers in our homes.

This 18 panels, 9×2 panel array, was installed in partnership with JFW renewables.  We would like to thank the homeowner for their trust and vision on this project in East Co. Limerick.

The structure itself can generate up to 7.38KW and should reduce the electricity unit bill at the home significantly.

The gable ends are clad in larch and the entire project took around 11 weeks from start to finish.

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Farmyard PV structures

An innovative Solar PV solution for farms

While the client’s name was not Old McDonnell he is a farmer in Co. Wicklow and our recent multi-functional structure would not be out of place on any farm yard.  The rustic style 21 panel structure, with special bi-facial panels, gives the owner a structure with a wide range of uses from storing farm equipment, to parking cars underneath.

We are very grateful to the client for his vision in choosing to upgrade his outdoor space while getting the benefits of a Solar PV installation with c.8.2KW of generation.

We were very happy to partner with Will and the team at SolarSmart on this project.

Ní neart go cur le chéile!

Single row solutions for limited roof-space

Is it a brise-soleil, is it a veranda, is it a covered walkway, no it’s a super structure!

We have been developing a series of solutions for limited roof space.  This client required additional panels on their garage to give them the generation they needed.

Our solution was a series of lean-to supports that would allow additional panels to be installed.  Whether the end-user uses it as a brise-soleil, a veranda or a covered walkway, we are just happy to help out in this instance.

We would like to thank the homeowner and JFW renewables for partnering with us on this project.

If you or your clients have similar issues and are looking for solutions to your Solar PV deployment issues, get in touch.  We are experts in enabling Solar PV deployments.

Is ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann muid.

Apartment living reimagined

Bringing the benefits of Solar PV to apartment owners

Unfortunately there is one group of people who are normally excluded from typical Solar PV installations due to the lack of roof space.  These apartment dwellers until now have not had any options for Solar PV installations.

We are very proud to share a recent project for a client in South Dublin whereby we upgraded a section of their balcony with a small solar canopy, providing them with a covered outdoor space and a c.2.5KWp Solar system.

This solution could be useful for many apartment owners and homeowners with limited space for typical Solar PV deployments.

We would like to thank Dean and the team at SolarPro for partnering with us on the innovative project.

If you are a Solar PV installer with a client that requires a special solution, let us see if we can help.

From Connemara granite to Solar PV

From the granite rock of Connemara an elegant Solar PV array appears

As is common enough in Connemara, this homeowner had a passion for solar PV but unfortunately did not have enough roof space for a typical Solar PV installation.  After much thought, it became clear that the granite rockery had to be sacrificed for the greater good of saving the planet.

The home owner contacted us to design a solution for him that would allow them to install a 12 panel array, with the condition that they would not be able to see the panels from their favorite seats in house, over-looking Galway bay.

We were able to design a made to order ground-mount system that took account of the lay of the land and gave the home-owner all the benefits of a typical array, avoiding the need for weeding in the rockery ever again.

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Bí i dteagmháil!

Outdoor entertainment areas reimagined!

Is this Ireland’s most eco-friendly outdoor space?

We have just completed a very special project for a great client in Santry in Dublin.  The client had a need to lower their electricity bills, while wanting to lower their carbon emissions, however they just knew that a standard roof installation would not work at their home.

At the bottom of their urban garden was a disused space that could be converted into an elegant covered patio area with the help of the team at Solar Structures.  We had the great honour of helping the family upgrade their outdoor space with the addition of an 18 panel 7KWp array using special bi-facial panels from Recom.  This project was undertaken in partnership with SolarSmart.

For more information and ideas about how to upgrade all kinds of outdoor space, get in touch with us at Solar Structures.