Solutions to limited roof space for typical roof mount Solar PV systems

Often when homeowners and solar installers are looking at a roof for a solar deployment a number of factors might mean that the roof is not suitable for a typical deployment of solar panels.

Home with limited space for typical Solar PV roof install

Some of the main reasons are:

1 Orientation: In many cases the roof could be orientated in such as way as to provide a limited amount of South facing roof.

2 Velux and Dormer bungalows: Due to the addition of windows often there is limited clear space on the South / East / West sides of the roof, which means that the design might not allow for as many panels as required to be installed.

3 Roofing material: Often the material used on the roof means that a typical roof installation is just not possible.

18 panel car port

We often have solar installers and homeowners / businesses come to us looking for a solution to these challenges.  We have developed a number of options that provide the end-user with a robust solar deployment while maximising the use of their outdoor space.

In a recent case study we installed a lean-to ground-mount system to a pre-existing wall.  This is a solution we believe could work very well on urban locations with limited scope for a larger pergola type structure.

Where the space permits, we would recommend a free standing pergola / carport as this type of deployment allows the client to use the space underneath.

If you are a solar installer, looking at a complicated deployment where limited roof space could be an issue, give us a call.  We design, fabricate and install bespoke ground mount systems and free standing structures, that help homeowners and solar installers harness the solar PV potential of any location.

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