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Car park canopies for a new age

When Ciarán from EcoHorizon (one of Ireland’s leading Solar PV solutions providers) was looking to install a 45 panel car park canopy, he knew exactly who to partner with on this fantastic project. We are delighted to announce that we have completed work on the structure, which supports 45 bi-facial PV panels and provides a canopy over 6 parking spaces at a location in the South-East.

The panels are all facing South, at an angle of 15 degrees. This gives the client the benefit of a great orientation as well as a useable structure, in this case a 6 bay parking canopy. As you can see the project used bi-facial panels, which should give great benefits over the long term.

The structure itself is from galvanised steel, where required we can coat our structures to match the client’s colour requirements.

We hope to partner with EcoHorizon on many similar projects in the future and we wish the client many hours of sunshine over the coming months.

If you are looking at an ambitious Solar PV project, talk to us by phone at 089 229 5091 or via email at

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