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Embracing Solar Power: Introducing Co. Leitrim’s First Solar Carport with Integrated EV Charging

In an exciting stride towards sustainable living, we at Solar Structures are thrilled to share the completion of a pioneering project nestled in the heart of Co. Leitrim, Ireland. This installation, a testament to innovation and green energy, marks the unveiling of the county’s first 18-panel full steel solar carport structure, complete with additional external guttering and an integrated electric vehicle (EV) charger.

Our journey began with the vision of creating a multifunctional space that not only provides shelter but also harnesses the power of the sun. The result is a robust, steel-framed carport equipped with 18 high-efficiency solar panels. This design not only stands up to Co. Leitrim’s diverse weather conditions but also serves a dual purpose: protecting vehicles from the elements and generating clean, renewable energy.

The carport’s innovative design includes additional external guttering, ensuring efficient water management and protection against the rain. Another element is the integrated EV charger, powered directly by the solar panels. This allows homeowners to charge their electric vehicles with the clean energy produced right above them, embodying the ultimate in eco-friendly convenience.

We couldn’t have brought this project to fruition without the collaboration and support of our partners at Solar Generation in Sligo. Their expertise and commitment to renewable energy solutions were instrumental in the successful implementation of this project.

Special thanks go to the homeowner, whose commitment to sustainability and trust in our vision made this groundbreaking project possible. Their willingness to embrace renewable energy technologies not only sets a remarkable example for the community but also marks a significant step towards reducing carbon footprints and promoting environmental stewardship in Co. Leitrim.

This solar carport represents more than just a shelter for vehicles; it’s a beacon of innovation, showcasing the practical application of solar energy in everyday life. As we reflect on this successful collaboration, we are reminded of the power of partnership and the shared commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.

For those inspired by this project or looking to embark on their own journey towards sustainability, we invite you to reach out. Together, we can explore how renewable energy solutions can transform your space, reduce your environmental impact, and lead the way towards a cleaner, greener planet.

Harnessing Solar Power with Bespoke Carports: A Green Solution for Irish Weather

In the quest for renewable energy solutions, solar PV carports have emerged as a frontrunner, especially tailored for the unique climate of Ireland. These innovative structures not only provide shelter for vehicles but also harness the power of the sun, offering a dual advantage that’s hard to overlook. Solar Structures stands at the forefront of this green revolution, offering bespoke solar PV carports designed to meet the specific needs of the Irish weather.

The primary benefit of a solar PV carport is its ability to generate clean, renewable energy. This is particularly valuable in Ireland, where the drive towards sustainable living is stronger than ever. By converting sunlight into electricity, these carports reduce reliance on fossil fuels, thereby decreasing carbon footprints and promoting environmental sustainability.

Moreover, these made-to-measure carports are engineered to withstand Ireland’s varied weather conditions, from rain and wind to occasional sunshine. The robust design ensures durability and longevity, providing a reliable source of energy year-round. This resilience makes them an ideal choice for Irish homes, offering protection for vehicles while generating electricity even in less than perfect weather conditions.

Solar Structures’ expertise in crafting these solar solutions makes them a go-to company for those interested in making a sustainable change. With a focus on quality and customization, they ensure that every carport is tailored to fit the specific requirements and preferences of their clients. This bespoke approach not only maximises the efficiency of the solar panels but also complements the aesthetic of any home.

Choosing a solar PV carport from Solar Structures means investing in a future where clean energy and practicality go hand in hand. It’s a step towards a greener, more sustainable lifestyle, proving that even in a country known for its challenging weather, solar power remains a viable and beneficial energy source.

A patio awning re-imagined

At Solar Structures, our goal has always been to create beautiful outdoor spaces while optimising the return on a client’s Solar PV investment.

In a recent project for a homeowner in Co. Limerick we were able to create a covered outdoor patio area that can be used as a family space no matter the weather.  Our specially selected panels allow for a dappling effect underneath.

The total output from this array is just over 6KWp.  In addition, the ‘brise-soleil’ panel array provides additional shading during the Summer months to prevent the large South facing open-plan room from overheating.  

All our solutions are made to measure for each site and all our structures are designed and fabricated by our team in Co. Galway.  We partnered with JFW renewables on this special project and we would like to thank the homeowners for their vision and their trust in us.

If you have an outdoor space that might need upgrading, or just an interest in looking at an innovative Solar PV deployment, get in touch.

For more information on our latest projects, join us at:

Lámhdhéanta i gConamara.

Creating light filled spaces while harnessing the potential of Solar PV

A new covered area to enjoy family meals together and clean green solar power to keep the lights on and the EV running, these were the requirements of another of our recent clients.  In this case we designed a canopy with special light-well sections along with the use of special bi-facial panels.

The overall effect is to create a space that is now multi-use, allowing the family to maximise the enjoyment of the outdoor space at their home.

With 14 panels overall, 6 on their new Solar Structure, the homeowners have 5.8KWp of clean electricity.

We would like to thank the client for their vision on this project and for their support.

For more information on this and other projects, please get in touch with us at

Revamping outdoor spaces via Solar PV

Like an episode from one of those Channel 4 property revamp programs from the 2000’s, we are very happy to unveil our own transformation project.  The client had a pretty messy enclosed area to the side of their home and wanted something ‘special’.  Like all good property transformation shows the key is in the big reveal!

We helped transform this space into a dry, light-filled, green-energy generating machine!

With 6 bifacial panels letting light through and a bespoke design with polycarbonate sections along with timber cladding, the new space matches the client’s need for an upgraded outdoor space.  Now with no more rain falling on the space and reaping the benefits, it could be said that the space is now truly transformed!

A quick thank you to the client for their vision and their trust.  

For more information on this and other projects, contact us at:

Solar Structures –

Ní neart go cur le chéile!

Outdoor spaces re-imagined – Solar PV carports

A great leap forward for the premier county as Tipperary County has its first timber Carport!

We have just installed an 18 panel, 7.2KWp carport in timber at a site in Tipperary.  The client wished to maximise their investment in Solar PV by combining it with adding a carport to their site.

Our two berth design can be used for a variety of uses from off-grid car charging stations to domestic carports to elegant patio areas.

We would like to thank the homeowner and John Lowry and the team at Home and Agri ( for partnering with us on this fantastic project.  

Now all we need is for the sun to start shining all the month of September! 

For more information on this and other projects, contact us at:

Solar Structures –

Ní neart go cur le chéile!

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