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Revamping outdoor spaces via Solar PV

Like an episode from one of those Channel 4 property revamp programs from the 2000’s, we are very happy to unveil our own transformation project.  The client had a pretty messy enclosed area to the side of their home and wanted something ‘special’.  Like all good property transformation shows the key is in the big reveal!

We helped transform this space into a dry, light-filled, green-energy generating machine!

With 6 bifacial panels letting light through and a bespoke design with polycarbonate sections along with timber cladding, the new space matches the client’s need for an upgraded outdoor space.  Now with no more rain falling on the space and reaping the benefits, it could be said that the space is now truly transformed!

A quick thank you to the client for their vision and their trust.  

For more information on this and other projects, contact us at:

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Ní neart go cur le chéile!

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