Sarria – Solar Powered Bike Shelter kit

Our 5 panel bike shelter, suitable for up to 15 bikes.  Ideal for schools, businesses and homes.  Our structures are fully grantable under the SEAI grant schemes.

Dimensions: 5.6m X 1.5m footprint, c.2.5m high

Our kit includes includes: 5 X c.390W Solar PV panels

Our standard price includes delivery and installation of the bare structure and related panels.  Additional elements such as groundworks and additional electrical equipment and commissioning can be arranged.  Please get in touch to discuss these elements with us directly. The solar bike shelter kit is available with a range of colour finishes.

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Do you want to provide more sustainable travel options at your business / school?

Do you have people coming by bike?

What about a simple solution for encouraging more bike trips and lowering carbon emmissions.

Our 5 panel, 2KWp modular bike shelter could be the solution to your needs.  You can store bicycles securely while generating solar power to lower your electricity costs by c.€800 per year.  This innovative, elegant bike shelter can suit any site, allowing you to support green travel options while lowering your electricity bill.  The kit is modular, allowing you to connect a series of them together, maximising the return on investment.

The advantages of our structures include:

  • Sustainable Energy: Solar PV panels provide sustainable and renewable energy by converting sunlight into electricity, which reduces dependence on non-renewable sources of energy.
  • Cost savings: By using solar energy, the cost of electricity can be reduced, as the energy generated by the panels can be used to power lights and other electrical equipment within the shelter.
  • Environmental impact: Using solar panels can reduce the carbon footprint of the shelter, as it reduces the reliance on fossil fuels and the associated carbon emissions.
  • Increased usability: The addition of lighting and other electrical equipment can increase the usability of the shelter, especially in areas with limited daylight hours or poor visibility.
  • Long-term savings: The installation of solar panels may have a higher initial cost, but it can provide long-term savings in energy costs over the lifetime of the shelter.
  • Adaptability: Solar panels can be integrated into various shelter designs and sizes, making them adaptable to different locations and use cases.
  • Improved safety: Lighting powered by solar panels can improve safety and visibility, particularly at night or in low-light conditions.
  • Public perception: Including solar panels in a bike shelter can demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, which can improve public perception of the organisation responsible for the shelter.

Our structure is c.5.5m wide by 1.5m deep and c.2.5m high.  It is normally bolted to a concrete base.  As part of the standard kit, we can deliver to anywhere in Ireland.  The kit comes fully installed by our team and an electrical commissioning service is available on request at an additional fee.

The kit should save you around €800 per year in electricity costs.  It generates around 2000KWh of clean, green electricity per year and c. 100KGs of carbon emissions are avoided.
Our kits are compatible with SEAI grants.

The fully installed standard kit includes:

  1. A heavy-duty galvanised steel frame
  2. 5 X c.390W solar panels
  3. Bike stands for c.15 bikes

Optional extras include:

  1. Preparation of groundworks
  2. Supply of electrical equipment – Inverter, switches, cabling, etc.
  3. Electrical commissioning of the system

Get in touch with us to discuss these extra elements.

Bí linn ar an dturas chuig timpeallacht níos fearr, ní neart go cur le chéile.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Extra finish required on steelwork?

Standard Galvanised Finish, Galvacoat Coloured Finish


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