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West Cork Joins the Solar Carport Revolution: A Pioneering Project

Harnessing the Power of Solar Energy in West Cork: Our Latest Carport Project

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of one of our most exciting projects yet: a bespoke, dual-car carport equipped with a powerful solar photovoltaic (PV) system in the scenic coastal area of West Cork. This project not only underlines our commitment to sustainable energy solutions but also showcases our innovative approach to overcoming architectural challenges.

Set against the backdrop of West Cork’s rugged coastline, the property presented a unique challenge: the existing house was unsuitable for rooftop solar installations due to structural constraints. Recognising the need for a creative alternative, our team proposed the development of a solar carport – a solution that would not only cater to the client’s energy needs but also blend seamlessly with the aesthetic and environmental context of the location.

The carport, designed to accommodate two cars, features an impressive array of 15 solar panels with a total capacity exceeding 6 kilowatts peak (KWp). This substantial setup ensures ample power generation, harnessing Ireland’s coastal sunlight to produce clean, green energy. The strategic positioning of the carport maximises exposure to sunlight, significantly boosting efficiency and energy output.

Collaboration was key to the success of this project. We partnered with local solar PV specialists, Energywise, whose expertise in renewable energy solutions was invaluable. Their deep understanding of solar technology and commitment to quality contributed immensely to the project, ensuring that all technical aspects of the solar installation met the highest standards of efficiency and reliability.

The design process was intensive and meticulously managed. Given the exposed coastal location and specific client requirements, our team went through four iterations of design. Each phase involved careful consideration of the carport’s structural integrity, aesthetic appeal, and environmental impact, ensuring that the final product was not just functional but also visually striking. The bespoke structure was tailored to fit the exact layout of the space, demonstrating our commitment to providing personalised solutions that address our clients’ unique needs.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction and high-quality workmanship has once again been recognised by our clients. This project earned us another 5-star review on Google, affirming our reputation for excellence in the field of renewable energy installations. Such feedback is not just a testament to our team’s hard work but also an encouragement to continue innovating and improving.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work on such projects and for the trust our clients place in us. Our partnership with Energywise ( ) on this project was instrumental, and it exemplifies the strength of collaboration in achieving sustainable development goals.

As we look forward to future projects, we remain committed to leveraging renewable energy technologies to create value for our clients and contribute positively to the environment. This solar carport in West Cork is just one example of how we can overcome challenges with innovative solutions, and we are excited about the potential of solar energy to shape a greener, more sustainable future.

Thank you to everyone involved for making this project a resounding success. We are eager to embark on more transformative projects that propel us toward a cleaner energy landscape.

Innovative Solar PV Structure Design in Dublin: A Case Study by Solar Structures

At Solar Structures, we recently had the pleasure of designing and installing a bespoke solar photovoltaic (PV) system for a client’s uniquely challenging rooftop in Dublin. This project was not just about harnessing renewable energy—it was also about maintaining the aesthetic integrity of a modern home. Here’s how we delivered a tailor-made solution that blends functionality with style.

Understanding the Challenge

The task at hand was to install a solar PV system on an irregularly shaped, flat-roofed extension of a contemporary residence. The main challenge lay in designing a structure that would not only fit the unique dimensions and angles of the rooftop but also complement the visual appeal of the property.

Our Approach

Our initial step involved detailed site analysis and consultations with the homeowner to understand their expectations and energy needs. The client wanted to maximise the utility of their solar installation without compromising the design of their home.

The Design Process

Leveraging our expertise in custom solar solutions, we created a 3D model of the proposed structure. This allowed us to experiment with different layouts and orientations to optimise sunlight exposure while maintaining the architectural aesthetics. The final design included 18 high-efficiency, 435W bifacial solar panels, capable of producing a total of 7.83 kWp.

Aesthetic Integration

To seamlessly integrate the solar structure with the home, we chose materials that echoed the existing design elements of the extension. A key feature of our installation was the use of beautiful timber cladding that not only matched the flat-roofed extension but also added a warm, natural element to the modern aesthetic. This choice ensured that the solar panels enhanced the property’s appearance while being highly functional.

Partnership and Collaboration

This project was brought to fruition through a collaborative effort with SolarSmart, who have been our trusted partners in several projects. Their expertise and support were invaluable in implementing the customised solutions that met our client’s specific needs.

Installation and Outcome

Our team handled every aspect of the project—from design and fabrication to installation. The precision with which each panel was placed and the attention to detail in the finishing touches reflect our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The homeowner was thrilled with the result, appreciating both the system’s efficiency and its aesthetic harmony with their home.

Gratitude and Acknowledgments

We extend our heartfelt thanks to SolarSmart for their partnership and to the homeowner for trusting Solar Structures with this significant enhancement to their property. It is projects like these that deepen our passion for renewable energy solutions that don’t just perform excellently but also look great.


At Solar Structures, we pride ourselves on delivering solar energy solutions that are as beautiful as they are effective. This project in Dublin stands as a testament to our commitment to innovative, client-focused service. If you are considering solar power for your home, let us help you achieve a solution that meets your energy needs while complementing the beauty of your residence.

Embracing Solar Power: Introducing Co. Leitrim’s First Solar Carport with Integrated EV Charging

In an exciting stride towards sustainable living, we at Solar Structures are thrilled to share the completion of a pioneering project nestled in the heart of Co. Leitrim, Ireland. This installation, a testament to innovation and green energy, marks the unveiling of the county’s first 18-panel full steel solar carport structure, complete with additional external guttering and an integrated electric vehicle (EV) charger.

Our journey began with the vision of creating a multifunctional space that not only provides shelter but also harnesses the power of the sun. The result is a robust, steel-framed carport equipped with 18 high-efficiency solar panels. This design not only stands up to Co. Leitrim’s diverse weather conditions but also serves a dual purpose: protecting vehicles from the elements and generating clean, renewable energy.

The carport’s innovative design includes additional external guttering, ensuring efficient water management and protection against the rain. Another element is the integrated EV charger, powered directly by the solar panels. This allows homeowners to charge their electric vehicles with the clean energy produced right above them, embodying the ultimate in eco-friendly convenience.

We couldn’t have brought this project to fruition without the collaboration and support of our partners at Solar Generation in Sligo. Their expertise and commitment to renewable energy solutions were instrumental in the successful implementation of this project.

Special thanks go to the homeowner, whose commitment to sustainability and trust in our vision made this groundbreaking project possible. Their willingness to embrace renewable energy technologies not only sets a remarkable example for the community but also marks a significant step towards reducing carbon footprints and promoting environmental stewardship in Co. Leitrim.

This solar carport represents more than just a shelter for vehicles; it’s a beacon of innovation, showcasing the practical application of solar energy in everyday life. As we reflect on this successful collaboration, we are reminded of the power of partnership and the shared commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.

For those inspired by this project or looking to embark on their own journey towards sustainability, we invite you to reach out. Together, we can explore how renewable energy solutions can transform your space, reduce your environmental impact, and lead the way towards a cleaner, greener planet.

Harnessing Solar Power with Bespoke Carports: A Green Solution for Irish Weather

In the quest for renewable energy solutions, solar PV carports have emerged as a frontrunner, especially tailored for the unique climate of Ireland. These innovative structures not only provide shelter for vehicles but also harness the power of the sun, offering a dual advantage that’s hard to overlook. Solar Structures stands at the forefront of this green revolution, offering bespoke solar PV carports designed to meet the specific needs of the Irish weather.

The primary benefit of a solar PV carport is its ability to generate clean, renewable energy. This is particularly valuable in Ireland, where the drive towards sustainable living is stronger than ever. By converting sunlight into electricity, these carports reduce reliance on fossil fuels, thereby decreasing carbon footprints and promoting environmental sustainability.

Moreover, these made-to-measure carports are engineered to withstand Ireland’s varied weather conditions, from rain and wind to occasional sunshine. The robust design ensures durability and longevity, providing a reliable source of energy year-round. This resilience makes them an ideal choice for Irish homes, offering protection for vehicles while generating electricity even in less than perfect weather conditions.

Solar Structures’ expertise in crafting these solar solutions makes them a go-to company for those interested in making a sustainable change. With a focus on quality and customization, they ensure that every carport is tailored to fit the specific requirements and preferences of their clients. This bespoke approach not only maximises the efficiency of the solar panels but also complements the aesthetic of any home.

Choosing a solar PV carport from Solar Structures means investing in a future where clean energy and practicality go hand in hand. It’s a step towards a greener, more sustainable lifestyle, proving that even in a country known for its challenging weather, solar power remains a viable and beneficial energy source.

Empowering Education: Solar Structures Unveils Solar-Powered Outdoor Classroom

We are thrilled to share a groundbreaking achievement at Solar Structures – the successful design and installation of a cutting-edge outdoor classroom at a school in Thurles, Co. Tipperary, Rep. of Ireland.

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Featuring 36 solar PV panels, this project exemplifies our commitment to sustainable energy solutions. The solar panels not only generate clean electricity for the school but also serve a dual purpose by creating an eco-friendly learning environment.

A Space for Learning, Playing, and Growing

This innovative outdoor classroom provides school children with a unique space to play, explore, and learn under the open sky. We believe in fostering a connection between education and nature, and this project exemplifies that vision.

Building a Sustainable Future Together

By combining clean energy generation with an engaging learning space, Solar Structures is contributing to a greener, brighter future. Our installation team worked tirelessly to bring this vision to life, and we are proud to see the positive impact on both the environment and the students.

Explore the possibilities of sustainable design with Solar Structures. Together, let’s build spaces that not only generate power but also empower the minds of the future.

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WasteWater Treatment Plants get the solar treatment

We are not sure if this is a world first, but possibly a European first.  We have designed a 26 panel, 10KW inverter solar system that sits over a WasteWater Treatment Tank in Co. Galway.


The client wanted to:

  • Lower the on-going cost of electricity at a WasteWater Treatment Plant in Co. Galway
  • Take active steps to comply with their Carbon reduction obligations

The structure had to match the local site requirements and fit into a pre-existing treatment tank that was being upgraded.

S O L U T I O N 

We designed a made to measure canopy structure that would hold 26 bi-facial panels – 15KWP. The design allows the array to sit above a wastewater treatment tank. The advantages of this solution were that minimal groundworks were required. The site in question has very little additional space to site any other solar PV deployment, therefore upgrading the space at the tank was the most efficient solution.  Our solution also allows for additional panels to be added in the future as required.

B E N E F I T S 

1. Upgraded under-used space. We were able to give the client a solution that would fit into the current wastewater treatment tank, without the need to use valuable real estate for the solar array. 

2. Optimal orientation of Solar array

Another benefit of our solution is that the client now has a solar array oriented due South, maximising solar gain.

3. Reduction in running costs

The electricity usage of the site lent itself perfectly to a Solar PV deployment. Overall our system will generate significant savings each year on electricity costs.

P R O J E C T  P A R T N E R S 

We would like to thank the end client, Údarás na Gaeltachta, for their vision along with all our other project partners – Máirtín Ó Flatharta Teo (Contractors), Ryan Hanley, EPS, Rexel, and Solartricity

If you have a complicated site that requires a special Solar PV solution, get in touch with the team at

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