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Innovative Solar PV Structure Design in Dublin: A Case Study by Solar Structures

At Solar Structures, we recently had the pleasure of designing and installing a bespoke solar photovoltaic (PV) system for a client’s uniquely challenging rooftop in Dublin. This project was not just about harnessing renewable energy—it was also about maintaining the aesthetic integrity of a modern home. Here’s how we delivered a tailor-made solution that blends functionality with style.

Understanding the Challenge

The task at hand was to install a solar PV system on an irregularly shaped, flat-roofed extension of a contemporary residence. The main challenge lay in designing a structure that would not only fit the unique dimensions and angles of the rooftop but also complement the visual appeal of the property.

Our Approach

Our initial step involved detailed site analysis and consultations with the homeowner to understand their expectations and energy needs. The client wanted to maximise the utility of their solar installation without compromising the design of their home.

The Design Process

Leveraging our expertise in custom solar solutions, we created a 3D model of the proposed structure. This allowed us to experiment with different layouts and orientations to optimise sunlight exposure while maintaining the architectural aesthetics. The final design included 18 high-efficiency, 435W bifacial solar panels, capable of producing a total of 7.83 kWp.

Aesthetic Integration

To seamlessly integrate the solar structure with the home, we chose materials that echoed the existing design elements of the extension. A key feature of our installation was the use of beautiful timber cladding that not only matched the flat-roofed extension but also added a warm, natural element to the modern aesthetic. This choice ensured that the solar panels enhanced the property’s appearance while being highly functional.

Partnership and Collaboration

This project was brought to fruition through a collaborative effort with SolarSmart, who have been our trusted partners in several projects. Their expertise and support were invaluable in implementing the customised solutions that met our client’s specific needs.

Installation and Outcome

Our team handled every aspect of the project—from design and fabrication to installation. The precision with which each panel was placed and the attention to detail in the finishing touches reflect our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The homeowner was thrilled with the result, appreciating both the system’s efficiency and its aesthetic harmony with their home.

Gratitude and Acknowledgments

We extend our heartfelt thanks to SolarSmart for their partnership and to the homeowner for trusting Solar Structures with this significant enhancement to their property. It is projects like these that deepen our passion for renewable energy solutions that don’t just perform excellently but also look great.


At Solar Structures, we pride ourselves on delivering solar energy solutions that are as beautiful as they are effective. This project in Dublin stands as a testament to our commitment to innovative, client-focused service. If you are considering solar power for your home, let us help you achieve a solution that meets your energy needs while complementing the beauty of your residence.

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